Resources for Praying at Home during Covid-19


"No storm can shake my inmost calm while to that rock I'm clinging. Since Love is Lord of heaven and earth, how can I keep from singing?"                                                                                           "How Can I Keep From Singing?" -attributed to Robert Lowry (1826-1899)

On this page you will find a more complete set of links to music, prayer resources, and audio/video reflections to help you in your prayer life at home.  Let us cling to God who is our rock. And may we continue to pray and sing!


GOD TALK,Fr.John Hatcher, SJ

Pilot-         September 21, 2020

Forgiveness- September 28, 2020

Reconciliation- October 5, 2020

Reconciliation-Why Confess our Sins- October 12, 2020

Reconciliation-Account of Sins- October 19, 2020



5/21/20- Part 3 'The Life'-Fr. John Hatcher, SJ

5/18/20- Part 2 'The Truth'-Fr. John Hatcher, SJ

5/15/20- Part 1 'The Way'-Fr. John Hatcher, SJ

4/19/2020-Fr. John Hatcher, SJ- Worry: Don't!

4/9/2020-Fr. John Hatcher, SJ-Eucharist and the Holy Spirit

4/6/2020-Fr. John Hatcher, SJ-"Be Still"

3/29/2020- Fr. John Hatcher, SJ

3/24/2020- Fr. John Hatcher, SJ



--Please read this before 'viewing' Mass

Daily Mass with Pope Francis

St. Theresa: Sunday Mass Recorded (at 5:00Sat.) - available on Sunday 


Daily Prayer- resource from Liturgy Training Publications

Workshops/retreats online-free- Click here


Daily Mass Readings

Simple Prayers for Complicated Times

More prayers/music and resources from OCP











Please pray for:

For continued stewardship despite the obstacles in our way. May we be mindful of the needs of all and of our earth...

*For financial security, health care stability and formidable competence.

*Jonathan Toves, Air Force deployed n serving in Afghanistan, pray for his safety throughout his term...

*For the peaceful rest of Johanna Un Yun Choi, who passed away yesterday in NYC;
*For Kwang Hwa Park, who, while rehabilitating from surgery in the hospital, contracted COVID-19 in NYC

*Prayer for my daughter, Samantha who is in New York. Please keep her safe and healthy.

*Healing of all who suffer with covid-19